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When I do coaching or consulting I do a lot for free, and I ask people to pay if and only if they can afford to pay the $200/hr rate that I charge. If you can’t pay that without feeling it, don’t pay, has been my policy.
But enough people have now asked me to make it possible for them to pay what they can, so I’ve set up this page to link people to. If you feel compelled to allocate some money towards the ongoing coaching and organizing work I’m doing, you can do so here.
For context, almost all of the sessions I have are free. This week I spent 14 hours in conversation with coaching clients, and only one of those hours was paid for. Sometimes, I really need the money. Sometimes, I have enough coming in from other projects that this is sort of a nice-to-have. But it all adds up, and this is the work that I don’t stop doing.
If you’d like to pay what you can for a coaching session, a group session, or simply to support this project:

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