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Let's Talk!

You can use this page to book both free and paid coaching sessions, as well as to schedule an hour to just talk about whatever is on your mind. Pick the link below that makes the most sense for you!

Please Schedule a Reminder

If you schedule a conversation with me, coaching or otherwise, please make it a point to set up reminders for yourself. You should receive a calendar event — if you use google calendar or whatever, great! But if you don’t? I ask that if you commit to a session that you either show up or let me know ASAP if you think maybe you can’t. I will never shame you for it, I get how hard this stuff is. I’m here to help you. But I do need to take care of my own needs, too.


No-Show Policy

I have a no-show policy moving forward. I understand that a lot of us struggle with executive dysfunction and being on time for stuff, and so I’ll hang out in the chat for five minutes. If by five after you’re not there yet and I haven’t heard from you I’m going to leave. Paid or free session, you’re welcome to reschedule without feeling the need to explain - but if you routinely schedule sessions and fail to show up, first I’m going to propose some strategies to help but at some point I will ask you to stop scheduling sessions.

Autism Coaching — Paid or Free!

Are you in crisis and realizing that you need some support due to the ways that your (potentially recently discovered) Autism is at odds with how you know how to live life? Take a moment to book a free 30-minute consultation with me here. (Note: this is really free, and you can use this link up to once a week until you don’t need support! But, enough people have asked that I’m going to accept pay-what-you-want offerings
. If and only if you are so moved, you can contribute whatever amount you want there.)

If you can afford it, I’d like to ask you to consider booking a full-price coaching session instead. I’ll never turn away someone who needs support because they can’t pay, but I was recently laid off from my day job and am trying desperately to keep afloat. If you can afford $200/hr for coaching that will be more effective for Autistic challenges than any therapy you’ve experienced, please consider booking this way:

Anything else — let’s chat!

If you just want to shoot the shit about anything from neurodiversity to artificial intelligence to one of my projects, the easiest way to do that is just to book some time with this link:

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