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Autistic Advocate

Undiagnosed Adults Are Struggling Silently, Help Me Reach Them
Hi, I’m Myk Bilokonsky and you can hire me to help your organization better hire, retain and treat Autistic employees. I can also provide an audit of your organization’s practices from a neurodivergent perspective, identifying non-obvious issues and ways that you can do a better job of supporting a diverse range of neurotypes.
I currently run the Public Neurodiversity Support Center, and previously set up the subreddit /r/AutismTranslated. My goal in life — my calling — is to reach as many undiagnosed Autistic Adults as I can. Studies show that Autistic people who go their whole lives undiagnosed eventually decide that they’re simply bad people. Our life expectancy is 56 — due to childhood accidents, heart attacks from stress and suicide.
Most Autistic people on earth today are undiagnosed adults. Let’s work together to reach them!

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Public Neurodiversity Support Center

The bulk of my work can be found here. I have essays aimed at various demographics, both ND people and allies:


When I first started out on this path I created a subreddit for people who were exploring. Today it’s alive with over 20k members and it’s super supportive.

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